Baby Cheetahs find their new home!!!

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Baby Cheetahs find their new home!!!

P1010065Twelve months ago, a maasai herder while waiting for the rains to stop under a bush heard a mewing voice. He keenly listened and slowly walked towards the sound and there it was; a little frightened, eyes closed-so as to hide and heavily rained on baby. He looked keenly and “this must be a cat” he thought. He lifted her gently, covered her with his blanket, took her to his home, placed her by the fire place intending to keep her warm and fed her with cow milk. She survived on cow’s milk for months.

She would accompany her ‘guardian angel’ every time he went herding until months after when things changed and he had to be left at home when the ‘guardian angel’ went herding.

She grew up to be a very playful girl and one day, she did what Cheetahs do best. Guess what? She killed one kid (goat) and remember this was in a Maasai home.  Her guardian angel was so mad that he wanted her no more. He went to the local administration and reported that there was a Cheetah that had killed his goat and if no action was taken, he would have to kill it.  Keeping such an animal at home is against the law so the best option for him was to lie so as to avoid trouble.

That turned out to be a lucky day for the poor girl because that local administration contacted KWS rangers who picked and took her to Maralal Game Reserve.

After a few weeks at the Game Reserve under Mr. Jackmann, she was again lucky to get company;P1010079 a beautiful male was brought in from South Horr. A herder found him in the bush, took him home and locked him in a manyatta. Here, he lived a bad life and hence his harsh attitude. He lived in a very dark locked room and would get a meat bite after days. The KWS rangers must have gotten the information through ‘bush drums’ and right away ambushed the boma to rescue the poor guy.

To differentiate the two, the Keepers named the girl Neten, a maasai word meaning the first one and the boy was named Lesoro, a maasai word meaning Harsh.

A few months after, the KWS contacted us requesting if we could accommodate them, we were happy to help and here they are in there new home!!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy