2015 End of Year Letter

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It has been an exciting year for us at the Animal Orphanage.
On behalf of all the animals that have found shelter with us, we thank you very much for your encouragement and support.
The year 2015 saw us:-

  •  Release our orphanage star – Lupita the baby giraffe to              Oljogi    Conservancy (visitwww.animalorphanagekenya.org/lupitasrelease).
  • Newborn, orphaned, and needy animals found their way to the      safe haven of our Animal Orphanage. We received:-
    i. Two baby Cheetahs
    ii. A baby Leopard
    iii. Two baby Ostriches
  • Eight (8) mountain bongos were born. This has brought up the number of bongo taking part in our very successful breeding for repatriation program.

As our family size grew so did the operating costs; Food supplies and veterinary care for the increasing numbers of animals in our care remain a major concern.
For this reason, we are reaching out to our Friends and supporters like you to help us to continue leading the way and remain a shining light in the world of wildlife conservation.

As you make your New Years plans and resolutions, please don’t forget the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

Our Wish List

  1.  10 by 10 km fence funding:- In order achieve the objective of    repopulating the Bongo ranges;we are working currently with Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest to secure a concession of up to 10 by 10km land in the forest. This is intended to cut the costs of upkeep and raise wild Bongo ready for release. This nonetheless comes with another hefty cost of about Kshs. 100million ($ 1,000,000) for fencing.
  2. Improvement of the holding facilities: – The animal orphanage continues to receive needy young animals especially from the Kenya Wildlife Service. It now hosts a total of 28 different species with 122 individual animals. We strive to put back animals that are deemed fit to their natural habitat while the orphanage continues to give a second chance of living to the rest that cannot. We have been working to ensure their physiological and psychological needs are met. This is achieved through improving the holding facilities to meet international standards for holding animals in captivity. At the moment, a number of small but pertinent improvements have been made on the existing facilities. Here, we are critically in need of funds for:-
    a) Improvement of the pygmy hippo holding facility at a cost of Kshs. 117,000 ($ 1170)
    b) Construction of a holding facility for Azizi the leopard from the Samburu County at a cost of Kshs. 638,000($6380).
    Any help towards these projects, however small will be appreciated. It is our commitment and responsibility to see that every penny you so kindly donate is spent towards the intended purpose.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your generosity.


Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy