In Memory of Suzanne

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In Memory of Suzanne

(An excerpt from his letter with kind permission of Major Betterton)

I attach pictures of my late wife taken during her recent visit to the animal orphanage. I think they show far better than I can express in words the effect of our visit and subsequent involvement with your organization. I don’t think they show a woman who was very ill, terminally ill in fact, but instead show someone who is full of joy and wonder from being where she was. 

She was very proud of us becoming members of the Conservancy and her doctors confirmed that what happened there in Kenya improved her condition and extended her life in a very positive way.

I know that this has nothing to do with the stated purpose of your work but I wanted you to know that, at least in my opinion, not only do you make an important contribution to the wildlife, environment and culture of Kenya but offer the possibility of enhancing the life of everyone who comes into contact with your organization and is open to hearing your message. If you can gain any benefit from using any or all of these pictures, or any of my comments, in any of your promotional or informational material, please feel free to do so.

Michael S. Betterton

Suzanne Bender-Petersen Betterton

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy