Kiswahili Teacher April 2006

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Kiswahili Teacher April 2006

This month, Kiswahili Teacher is venturing into Musical lyrics, motivated by the promise of spring, Valentines Day just past, romantic May just ahead…

There is a famous Kiswahili song that, once heard, stays on your mind. Composed ages ago it is today as popular as ever:

Malaika = Angel

The song refers, of course, not to some supernatural saintly messenger of God, the conventional Image of a white robed figure in human form with wings and a halo. But rather to what we all need and wish for most in life: a guardian Angel of celestial purity to call our own, the invisible helper to drive away all our demons and pave the way for eternal happiness.

And now we have our own little Angel here at the Conservancy in the form of a delightful little bongo-girl born in March. She was immediately adopted and given the name “Malaika.”

Malaika, ya ku penda Mailaika…..
The song goes Angel, I love you Angel…..

And on we dream the age old dream of love. If you want to show your love by adopting or fostering a wild animal.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy