Kiswahili Teacher August 2003

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Kiswahili Teacher August 2003

Wandering the wilds of Africa may be your idea of fun. But it is never easy for someone from another world. Someone who has been brainwashed to ignore their natural instincts and rely on Road Signs, Information Highways. And Governments responsible for providing common sense!

So you will get lost! Let us hope not in the jungle out there amongst unfamiliar fauna, but maybe even in the lodge’s parking lot where all the foreign cars look the same to you… you will need to know how to ask:

I am looking for…: Natafuta

Seeing you wander about with that confused look on your pale face, most of our friendly people will understand the rest…

Natafuta Driver
Natafuta Hotelli
Natafuta Chakula
Natafuta Choo (Toilet)

If you can’t remember ‘natafuta’ in the state you must be in by now, think positive, think: Whoopi!

Wapi Driver
Wapi Hotelli etc.

Wapi of course means: Where
Lousy pidgin Kiswahili, but you will be forgiven, and helped all the more.

Good luck!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy