Baby News

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Baby News

Recently some mongrel dogs invaded the Game Ranch, to hunt for food. They caused havoc amongst the game, especially the new mothers.

During the nightly melee, one little wildebeest became separated from the herd. Too young to fend for itself, it ended up in the compound of the Water supply adjacent to the Ranch.

We collected the little female and turned it over to our senior keeper Muraya. She is the best orphan we ever had. She immediately began feeding herself from a bowl of milk and eating grass as if she had done so all of her young life. Muraya named her “Bahati” which is Swahili for luck.

Egyptian Geese

Geese in Kenya

As for the birds… a pair of wild Egyptian geese decided to hatch their young in our suni sanctuary. It is green, safe, quiet and has a fresh water pond. What more could a young couple of wild geese want for their new Goslings.

That is until I came along with my camera. They seemed very docile, facilitating close-up shots – but not too close. Mrs. Goose suddenly sensed danger for her brood and with a lot of ‘verbal abuse’ from both of them, she took off to attack me.

Geese at Mt. Kenya

She then hovered only two feet from my face, flapping her wings madly, screeching. The brave display had the desired effect. I withdrew to safe my camera and my face!!

The proud ‘Dad’ led the family to the safety of the pond.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy