Baby News

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Baby News

The first New Year’s birth at the Mount Kenya Animal Orphanage in 2003 was a healthy female bongo.

Our keepers had carefully superintended the mother’s gestation period and confined her expertly to our calving bomas just in time for the new arrival.

We all agreed to name her Mpya, Swahili for new.

The New Year for Kenya also brought in the popularly elected government of President Mwai Kibaki, and the spirit and hopes of the people are high.

Little Mpya kind of symbolizes that. She’s a delightful animal, having more or less instantly made friends with most of the Orphanage community.

Llama mother and baby

Only the predatory cheetah family of “Mr. Duma Duke” has refused to be friends with the new arrival, due probably to their “dissident” ideas on nutrition!

Our resident Llama meanwhile have also not been idle. This Llama mum chose our information pavilion as the birthplace of her beautiful velvet-eyed baby. Soon she was joined by another snow white Llama baby and they have since become inseparable friends.

Suni News

Here is one of our proud Suni Mothers… Before and After

Suni antelope mother Suni antelope baby

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