Baby News

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Baby News

For Ms. Kenya and all of us: Now there’s Hope!!

A healthy new baby Bongo was born to the ‘American’ herd in August 2004. The Conservancy’s Wildlife Manager Bunge led Stefanie Powers to the hide where she took this first portrait of the new addition.

At Stefanie’s suggestion the baby was named “Tumaini”, Kiswahili for “Hope”.

We are happy to report that the American herd has now settled in comfortably in their temporary large wooded bomas on the perimeter of Mount Kenya. We have established 2 herds of American Bongo. Both are magnificent groups, now well adjusted.

Plans are to integrate them with the Conservancy’s Kenya herd.

Karen’s surprise

Bushbuck Karen with babyOur graceful bushbuck Karen surprised us with a delightful young female fawn in August. Karen was raised at the Orphanage after her mother fell pray to a marauding Leopard early 2003. (Her story ran on this page in 2003).

Now adult, she comes and goes from the Orphanage as she pleases. She made her own choice of mate from the wild Bushbuck herd at the Conservancy. Shortly after the birth however she brought her baby herself to the safety of the Orphanage, where we keep a keen eye, however she is raising the baby without human help, making us all very proud. (Any potential Godmothers/fathers out there, please Contact Us for adoption details.

Click below for more information about The Bongo Repatriation to Mount Kenya Project

The long awaited Caracals have arrived!

Caracal baby in KenyaWhen we realized that our female Caracal Cat (African wild Lynx) was pregnant, we separated Daddy from the nervous mother as a precaution. She took her time, but then, mid June she finally gave birth to two healthy enchanting kittens. As a first mother she became very agitated and refused to let anyone near her.

We took the hint and screened her den at the orphanage from possible intrusion. The young ones are growing rapidly and they now need a larger home to romp around in, and space to grow.

For this we need your help. The two new kittens are waiting for their benefactors whose name they will bear. Any charitable cat lovers out there, please Contact Us.

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