Baby News

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Baby News

Our “new additions” are all thriving.

We found two little crested cranes abandoned a few months ago and “gave” them to our resident flock. One female bird immediately took charge and raised the little ones.

They are now “Teenagers”.

They are trying to act adult, but often get into trouble as they gather experience in how to behave around the rest of the Orphanage residents.

Their looks too are quite ridiculous at this stage.

“Step mom” takes a keen interest and frequently grooms them, doing the best she can with their unruly teen feathers.

Our herd of Eland also has their hands full with a total of 6 new fawns.


Interestingly the Eland have a “nanny” system. We frequently see all 6 youngsters led by one sub Adult female all day, while the Mothers are left in peace with the main herd.

Eland Kenya

The babies are led back to the herd and return to their mothers at feeding time. They are all looking beautiful. And growing rapidly.

Duiker News

Our new little duiker seen here visiting a distant relative in order to learn some duiker manners!!

African buffalo

The Buffalo herd only produced one new little male calf this year. Oddly the little fellow spends all his time with “Dad” only returning to his mother to nurse. Even more unusual: she lets him do so. Strange things happen in the animal world, just like ours!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy