Baby News

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Baby News

Our Bongo herd had an increase by two this summer:

Baby No. 1, a healthy female was born to our ‘American herd’. Our staff welcomed the new arrival and immediately referred to her as BARAKA, Kiswahili for “Blessing.”

Baby Bongo Baraka

Picture of Baraka courtesy of our researcher Chris Emmet

She is of course under close observation, but contact with humans is kept to a minimum. BARAKA continues to do well under the watchful eye of her mother, and will form part of the herd for eventual release on Mount Kenya.

The Conservancy’s Kenya herd also very recently welcomed the arrival of another female calf yet to be named. Will she bear YOUR name? Please contact us for adoption details.

Good news also at the Hyrax boma

Hyrax mother and baby in Kenya

This little fellow demonstrates why he should be called the “High Rex”!!

Babies No More

Caracal mother and baby This is a recent Photograph of our young caracals that are nearly adult now: However, the mother Caracal is still very protective of her young and won’t let go. Soon they will have to fend for themselves though…

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy