Baby News

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Baby News

It was a nasty and frightening time when Hurricane Rita battered the city of Houston, Texas in October. Most residents had either left or bravely waited out the storm hunkered down in shelters or safe houses.

While Hurricane Rita battered Houston, half way around the world, one four-legged ex Houstonite gave birth to a beautiful baby bongo in the safety of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

The mother was one of the group of “American” bongo antelope returned to Kenya earlier to form part of a nucleus breeding herd at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

The welcome new arrival was immediately named “Tufani,” which is Kiswahili for hurricane. Little Tufani is thriving and destined to the freedom of her ancestral home on Mount Kenya.

Best Friends

Our young bushbuck, born at the Orphanage to “Karen” an orphaned bushbuck we raised there, has made best friends with this little Llama, also born at the Orphanage.

To everyone’s amusement the two romp and play all day, unaware of the difference in their species. Our little bushbuck is still waiting for your adoption and naming!!

What a novel Christmas gift for a loved one!!

For details of adoption of this or other Orphaned animals please Contact Us

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy