OBAMA it is!

» Posted on Aug 20, 2007 in Blog | 4 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present:


That is what we unanimously named our latest arrival bongo baby boomer No. 9.

Born at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, OBAMA comes with an American background (his dam was raised at the San Diego Zoo) and Kenyan roots of course, his sire is a native Kenyan born bongo named Noah.

OBAMA will join the group of Kenya born bongo earmarked for release to re-establish bongo on Mount Kenya where they once thrived. The project is undertaken by the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and supported by the American Association of Zoological Parks (Bongo SSP).

We do hope the Senator from Illinois will be pleased and lend his support to this globally important wildlife and nature conservation project.



Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy