The Chaircat’s Letter of November 2005

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The Chaircat’s Letter of November 2005

Christmas is almost here! November is a very special month in Kenya.

Our short rainy season started early this year, and very welcome after the devastating drought of the first 6 months which cost the lives of many of our older friends in the animal world.

In-between the storm clouds, God’s mountain reveal itself dressed in white, as if to prepare for the festive season ahead. The Conservancy is green and sparkling with dew and clusters of color from the wild flowers and shrubs. The early rain has brought an abundance of colorful tropical birds as well, all chattering with the message of plentiful food for all.

Our feature story for the holidays: The Last Wilderness, describes one of the most beautiful parts of Kenya, a harsh and hot place of rugged beauty, seldom seen by the average visitor. This is one of the few places left on earth where the vast herds of game still roam freely.

But back to the birds… of another kind: Our friend and supporter Tim Lapage reports on his airborne Safari of 2004. A unique trip of adventure from Ethiopia to the Cape of Good Hope at the “bottom of Africa” piloting his own plane with precious cargo: Read all about it in our section: Safari Sampler.

In our own world here at the Conservancy there’s good news too. We have seen 4 new baby bongos born so far this year. If my big amber eyes don’t fool me, I would say, eyeing the bongo herd nearby every early morning, that we can with certainty expect to have two more additions before the year is out. It is wonderful to see the young at play, knowing that their future will be in the dense Mount Kenya forests where their ancestors once roamed.

As for us, the spotted Sphinx Diana, Bill and myself, and our visiting friend Sultan, we have been busy sorting out our own “private lives and territories” in our new breeding bomas. As yet there is no special announcement to be made, but believe me, we are working on it!!

We wish all our friends and supporters from all over the world a very happy holiday season. Your continued support is essential to our survival in the wild.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy