Chaircat’s Letter April 2003

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Chaircat’s Letter April 2003

My dear Friends Welcome to our world, and thank you for visiting.

You may remember meeting me, I am Duma (Cheetah) Duke, I came here orphaned at a young age, and now I have worked my way up to "Chaircat."

It is high summer at Mount Kenya. The steady warm wind has dried out our green surroundings. Balmy air makes we animals lazy.

I have even noticed our keepers are not as fast on their two legs and we can get up to some mischief before they even notice these days!!

There have been fires in the forest on the mountain set by some misguided humans that don’t wish us well.

The brave men of the Kenya Wildlife Service have managed to contain the fires. Hundreds of acres of virgin forest of our natural habitat have been lost and oftentimes animals turn up orphaned in these situations. Lets hope for the best.

Don Hunt at Mt. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

Don Hunt at Mt. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

The good news is, as thick dark clouds gather in the afternoons, the promise of rain is in the air, I can sense it! Of course this is the “lean” time of the year out there for most animals in search of grazing or as in our case, a fat gazelle. But not so in here, they feed us extra rich food to make us strong and resistant for the cool wet days ahead.

But we are longing for rain…

I hope you will enjoy your visit,

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy