Chaircat’s Letter April 2004

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Chaircat’s Letter April 2004

My dear friends, April is one month that brings rain pretty much all over the world. It nourishes and cleans, and nature emerges in fresh splendor.

We had several new arrivals here at the Orphanage. George our lonely Vervet monkey gets at least some company. The new piglet is adorable but headstrong, all two pounds of it. Already he acts like a challenger to my position of Chaircat. Warthogs grow up very fast, but I feel fairly safe. Instinctively, to me, he looks better as a tasty meal and who would want a "Chairpig" in charge of anything, anyway!!

Sadly we had to say good bye to Brandy our old African Caracal cat. Brandy was a retired ‘actress’ and never quite found her way back into the wild. Recently she had become geriatric and a little senile. To make her last days more pleasant she was offered chicken.
(I should be so lucky).

Brandy slipped away to her own eternal hunting grounds peacefully with her favorite keeper nearby.

The next day we were rewarded with a unique and magic Mount Kenya Rainbow, I want to share with you.

Mirroring the late afternoon sun against the silhouette of the Mountain, it had us all mesmerized for 30 minutes. We are indeed blessed.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy