Chaircat’s Letter August 2003

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Chaircat’s Letter August 2003

My good friends, It is still cool, but the clouds are lifting with a promise of summer.

August is the month of school holidays in most countries; here in Kenya it is travel time for families.

Many of them visit us here at the Orphanage. Kenyan families are often large and happy, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncles and aunts and of course the children of which there are many. Cousins are considered brothers and sisters knowing each other well from birth as all the extended family take part in the raising of the next generation.

Oftentimes the children, although born in Kenya, have never had a chance to see wildlife. Some of the parents only know the stories told by the Grandparents of times when the plains were filled with game, Lions and Leopards and Rhino were feared and hunting was an honorable pastime. For them too, coming to the Orphanage is a journey of discovery of a whole new world.

That is why we open our gates for free to children of all ages to come and see us here at close range and learn of our history, habits and function in the universe. We hope that they may grow up to become the guardians and protectors of our own young one day.

And finally, this month families will read ‘our own story,’ that of my surviving siblings Bill and Diana and I. Telling our story to all of our friends out there will bring attention to our own kind. It will remind you to share our planet with all creatures big and small.

And remember, it is never too late to have a happy childhood!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy