Chaircat’s Letter December 2003

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Chaircat’s Letter December 2003

My dear Friends, Christmas is almost here!

We had tremendous rain here in Kenya and the country is very green and pretty. When the clouds finally parted, after the last storm, a white Mount Kenya emerged. Just in time to get everyone into a festive mood.

Everyone here is very busy preparing and as usual, we animals too can expect a treat come Christmas Day. Lots of Children will visit. Many of them will share some cookies or other fruity goodies with the other animals. As for us carnivores, I suppose “Mama Duma” (as we call Iris) will get us a fat Chicken, raw and with feathers of course, I drool just thinking of it.

Chaircat's African cousin carnivore

Chaircat’s African cousin carnivore

Not every one is so lucky of course. To demonstrate, the Kosterman’s (Valerie this time)
have honored us with another one of their brilliant Photographs to share. It shows one of my (lower class) very distant cousins living in the Maasai Mara, stocking up for Christmas!! (In fact we are not at all related, only both belong to the group of carnivores). Well, to each his own!

They tried to photograph me with a Santa’s hat but I refused to sacrifice my wild dignity.
I trust you agree and that leaves me to most sincerely wish you

The merriest Christmas ever Chaircat lounging

And before you make any New Years resolutions you can’t keep, remember to renew your subscription for this green page for 2004, if you have not already done so. That way we can thank you all year long as you will be one of our family every time you look in on us behind the green door.

We’ll be here, with all the news, pictures and wild stories.

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