Chaircat’s Letter July 2003

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Chaircat’s Letter July 2003

Here we are all huddled together for warmth, Diana safely in the middle.

It is cool these days. The clouds often hang low covering the mountain and forbidding the sun to warm us until later in the day.

Although the rains are now officially over, there is still a muddy puddle in the pen where the Rhino spend the night.

From my high stand I can see how they love that muddy patch. Each night they take turns to roll in the murky mess until their thick skin is covered and glistens in the evening sun. Then they get up and gallop about like a pair of lovers in the spring.

Maybe something will come of it. I will keep watching and keep you informed.

Rhinocerous in Kenya mud
Things are very quiet here and we don’t see many people these days. Our keepers are busy making repairs to the facilities. They are replacing a lot of the old wood with freshly harvested commercially grown bamboo. I like the look.

Our new young crested cranes, born on the Ranch have flocked to the Orphanage. They have now been joined by a number of wild cranes that have taken up permanent residence near the dam and visit daily.

This is becoming top real estate for birds lately. I don’t blame them, clean air, plenty of food. It is like that for us too. Although recently we had to, once again, undergo a procedure called worming and vaccinating. Then they rid us of fleas and ticks. Every Cheetah is entitled to a few of those, but I must say it feels good to be rid of most of them.

People admiring us often comment that we are not seen running here. They think it’s not right for the fastest land mammal to be so lazy… true, but even out there in the wild we would only run if we had to catch food. Our real nature is that of lazing about, what bliss.

We do some chasing about here too. Mostly when there is no one around and there is nothing to watch. Or when we play stealing food from each other, that’s a lot of fun too.

I hope you will enjoy the second part of the story about Princess. I never knew her, it was before my time. But I have seen Elephants on the Game Ranch. They sometimes come from the forest at night. When they do they break all the fences and make a mess, but they are always gone by morning. I wonder how they move so silently, looking like big clumsy heaps in the dark.

You do get to watch a lot of funny creatures living around here, never a dull moment!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy