Chaircat’s Letter June 2004

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Chaircat’s Letter June 2004

My Dear friends, The rains have come and gone with force. Many parts of the country were flooded, lives endangered and crops lost.

Here at the Conservancy we were lucky. We received a little more than the usual amount of rain, once again turning the Ranch into emerald pastures laced with lush bushy vegetation.
And yes folks, there’s romance in the air!

Cheetah at Mount Kenya

The BIG news is that Mama Duma did not forget us. Through her and with the help of our longtime friend Stefanie Powers the Conservancy was awarded a long desired grant to build a Cheetah breeding facility right here at the Orphanage.

The moment the good news was received, work began on the designs and costing. The decision has been made. Our new quarters will be built in what was the suni sanctuary which has been moved closer to the entrance of the Orphanage. That gives us a beautiful park like area. 3 main bomas will be erected with smaller holding bomas and related buildings interconnected behind.

Once completed I am told Bill and I will be ready to receive guests, lady Cheetahs to be precise, and hopefully there will also be some visiting suitors for Diana.


We are very grateful to the JL Foundation of the USA to make this possible. To celebrate, this month we bring you the story of a truly magnificent cousin who lived here with Mama Duma some years ago. His fame stretched beyond the continent and may celebrities stopped by to have their picture taken with the magnificent star in a Cheetah coat. His life did much to publicize the endangered Cheetah’s plight around the world. His ambassadorial work has borne fruit. Life’s a dream, don’t you think, spots and all.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy