Chaircat’s Letter March 2004

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Chaircat’s Letter March 2004

My dear Friends, March brings us the vernal equinox and that means spring for most of you that live north of the equator.

Here in Kenya it means a promise of rain. It has not been too hot this year, in fact we were lucky to miss out on the usual drought. Everything is still flowering and there are an unusual number of birds, they wake me with their chirps and song at daylight every morning.

Later, when the sun tickles my face and the shadows play camouflage with my spots I often doze off.

"What do you think he’s dreaming of" …I heard it said many times. With spring in the air, and romance on my mind, I want to share with you the object of my dreams:

Monkey with Easter Egg

Monkey with Easter Egg

My perfect ten!!

I know you will enjoy ‘Mama Duma’s story about our big cat neighbors.

They were lucky to come here, like most of us.

There is much work ahead for the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. With spring in the air and love in your hearts we count on your continued support.

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