Chaircat’s Letter May 2003

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Chaircat’s Letter May 2003

Dear Friends, Thank you all for your numerous and complimentary e-mails, too many to answer individually, but I am charmed at your open admiration of myself!

My sister Diana of course could not stand all the attention focused on her handsome brother and insisted… so here’s a photo of us together warmed by the first rays of the sun, as we are most mornings.

The rains have finally come to Mount Kenya, but only reluctantly. The irritating dust has settled and a shimmer of green is gracing the plains on the Game Ranch. The air is fresher now and filled with humidity and promise of new life.

This is the time our numbers increase and many baby animals will make their entry into our safe environment here at the Ranch later this month. Nursed by their mothers at first, they will enjoy the nice tender grass and browse brought by these rains.

Easter has brought some visitors, and treats for all of the animals here at the Orphanage. The primates certainly enjoyed their colored eggs, although I would have preferred the Rabbit that is said to have provided them!

Those "rednecks" I can see walking proudly on the Ranch have laid some giant eggs themselves, which brings me to the age-old question: “Who came first, the Ostrich or the egg?” At least I know it wasn’t the chicken!!

Our feature story this month is of those great flightless birds, and of the "boys" that chased them!

I hope you will enjoy it.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy