Chaircat’s Letter November 2004

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Chaircat’s Letter November 2004

My Dear Friends, It has been a long 3 months since I last spoke to you from my lofty tree house at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

I apologize to those of you that looked for news on this page in vain, but we have not been idle.

The new Conservancy office is now open to the public at Mount Kenya Safari Club, with Susan our Public Relations Officer presiding. The office has proved very popular with visitors and members alike. Everyone seems to enjoy the wildlife photos of their favorite animals, and all the news and details Susan can provide. More often than not, a chat over a welcome cup of Kenyan coffee results in a new conservationist being born… Susan just adores bringing them over to us at the Orphanage to discover their own capacity for big feline love!!

Don and Iris Hunt are back at the conservancy to give a short but well earned break to Bunge the Wildlife Manager. With the Hunt’s back in residence, my pet project the Cheetah breeding station will attract major attention and already construction is moving ahead.

Ron Surratt, Curator of the Fort Worth Zoo visited us here in July, giving up some of his leave to help out with the Bongo Rehabilitation Project.

In August we saw our old friend and staunch supporter Stefanie Powers. She came to entertain some of our V.I.P. visitors and help out with gathering interest in the Conservancy’s various wildlife projects.
October marks a major win for Wildlife Conservation. Kenya’s own daughter Wangari Maathai has won the biggest prize in the world – the Nobel Peace Prize. She has worked tirelessly to preserve what belongs rightfully to all the wildlife and mankind alike, our forests and natural environments. Through her efforts and the example she has set the way ahead is now clearly marked. All of us here at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy are proud to be working towards the same common goal. Our gratitude and congratulations to our own hero, Professor Wangari Maathai.


Much remains to be done. We invite you to join us and continue to support the efforts of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. Susan, at our office will be glad to answer your questions and welcomes your feedback. Contact Us

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are almost upon us once again. Let your generosity run free and your imagination be wild, and striped and spotted…

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy