Chaircat’s Letter September 2003

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Chaircat’s Letter September 2003

My dear friends, People often ask: "What is your winter like?" It is truly terrible.

The temperature drops by 5 to 10 degrees to give us days in the 70ties and nights in the lower 50ties. Huge brilliant clouds in a hundred shades of white and grey play hide and seek with the mountain and give us rare re-assuring glimpses of the peaks. The mornings are cool and filled with dew turning the new green leaves into silvery kaleidoscopes.

Oftentimes, in the afternoon with the sun low in the west we are treated to magnificent panoramic rainbows. There is no dust to dull the view and everything is clean and sharply in focus.

My world feels new and young and at peace.


Recently I have indulged in a mutual pastime with millions of humans all over the world: Mars gazing! With our freshly washed high altitude night air, we seem so close to the stars, and Mars especially has dazzled us with displays of iridescent pink signals celebrating life on earth in 2003.

Most of us here at the Orphanage are happy now that the days are getting warmer again and the suns’ path is moving just a little to the south. All the new babies on the Ranch are feasting on the fresh growth of grass and brush and are growing rapidly.

This month brings you the story of our young family of "Red Hussars". Most monkeys sleep at night and I wonder if they have seen the closeness of Mars.

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Mount Kenya in Clouds

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