Chucky meets Ms. Piggy!

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Chucky meets Ms. Piggy!

I don’t know if this means anything, but for us, April has been the “month of the pig.”

No sooner had young Chucky settled in, another came along.

Miss Piggy meets Chucky Warthog

This one is a 3 months old bush pig. The medium size one amongst the three wild pigs found in Kenya. The largest, of course you knew, is the elusive giant forest hog.

This little piggy was actually found by our equestrian amazon friend Rose Caldwell.

On one of her daily outings on the slopes of Mount Kenya her horse shied away from some crows busy picking at ‘something’ in a ditch. Rose moved closer only to discover a tiny newborn and terrified piglet about to be assassinated by the crows sharp beaks.

She managed to scoop it up just in time and walked it back to the safety of their farm house. It would be unusual for crows to go after a bushpig even a small one but, trapped as it was in a ditch they saw their chance. No one knows what happened to “mom.” No doubt she was no longer around, because not only would she have managed the crows she would most certainly have had a go at Rose’s mare’s legs in defence of her young.

Rose reared the little pig on an infant bottle filled with milk, egg and sugar and the little bundle thrived, grew and soon made digging up the garden her favourite sport. So much that inevitably trouble brewed in the Caldwell household and to avoid total destruction not only to the beautiful garden but also their many years of happy marriage, the Caldwells decided it was time Piggy went somewhere she would meet creatures more her match and be prepared for a future in her ancestral wilderness home. That is how she came to us.

She is yet too young for return to the wild and must stay a few months longer before she begins her eventual journey back to the wild. Meanwhile she has exchanged digging for chasing the other orphans who jovially tolerate her antics. Our little Buffalo “Bella” is however specially taken with her and they are beginning to bond. One thing is for sure: Bella will always be bigger than the Ms. Piggy and that fact of life, she will probably continue to respect!

Ms. Piggy is looking for your sponsorship in fostering or adoption…

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy