Cute Knut on a diet!

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Cute Knut on a diet!

Did you hear about the delightful little Polar bear born at the famous Berlin Zoo nine months ago? His mother , unfortunately rejected him at birth. It happens in the best (animal) families.

The little bundle of white fur was raised on a bottle and once they could confirm his survival they aptly named him Knut. The much loved cuddly little bear has become a celebrity overnight overshadowing his human counterparts successfully. (And he doesn’t even have spots!). The kids love him, his round the clock keepers are crazy about him and the press can’t get enough pictures and videos of him.

Knut the Polar Bear

Some Animal activists however are up in arms. They say he should have been left to die. He will never be a ‘real Polar bear’ they argue. He should be killed for his own good demanded one ringleader.

Killed for his own good…. Excuse me?

Knut meanwhile has grown fond of croissants and other such delights and his keepers got strict: No more junk food and more exercise they ordered. After all he had to pose for his star photo session with Annie Leibivitz. He even made the cover of the European edition of Vanity fair!

Knutmania at Vanity Fair

Meanwhile school children are campaigning outside the zoo, outraged at the discussion of a lethal injection demanded by the animal activists. Finally the Zoo announced they had no intention of putting down their most prized exhibit.

And so Knut lives on, destined to become a mascot for an international environment conference next year. He is to stand up for the anticipated fate his wild cousins may face if the worlds ice cap continues to diminish at the present rate.

This is not just about one animal or one species. Knut will be instrumental in focusing on the plight of all wild animals faced with the loss of their habitat worldwide.

How would he have been off better dead, I ask you!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy