Don’s Baby Boomers

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Don’s Baby Boomers

Déja vu all over again?

This 4-some were all born recently at the Conservancy within weeks of one another.

Here they are seen guarded by a “nanny,” a female “teenager” bongo, while the mothers gain time to relax and feed further away.

The young will be friends for life and care will be taken that in the course of their eventual release back to the wild they will not be separated.

Baby Bongo Antelopes

Mr & Mrs. Patas present: Another Grandchild!

Baby Patas Monkey plays with his foot

Counting Toes

Patas Monkey looking at camera

This little charmer is awaiting your support and will gladly carry your name in gratitude….

Earmarked for later rehabilitation to the wild to join another group of these beautiful and exceedingly rare monkeys.

Baby Patas Monkey

New Sister for “Chewy”

Bring on the Clown??

Baby warthog Chucky II

During the 2008 rainy season many new animals were born at the conservancy.

But this little new Orphan recovered by our wildlife officer beats them all.

He’s thriving under Peter Fundi’s care and he’s called “Chucky two” (of course!)

Chucky II is named in honor and with many thanks to our loyal supporter Chuck Simmons who once again has blessed the animals with a meaningful and generous donation!

More Porky…

Bush Pig with Tortoise

And since we are on the subject of clowns: Here’s another recent arrival:

“Miss Piggy,” as she is fondly known, was found motherless by the Caldwells not far from their farm at the tender age of a few days. The farmer’s wife took in the cute little bundle and only three months later confessed that her garden was no longer her own. Miss Piggy had taken over!

Her not-so professional gardening skills proved disasterous to some of the Caldwells rare and excellent tropical plants grown there, resulting in an eviction order from the household.

Now Ms. Piggy has met her match in “Speedy” the giant aldabra tortoise resident at the orphanage for many years. Its an odd couple, but the wise old tortoise delights in Ms Piggy’s attentions and manages to sufficiently distract her from any further “gardening duties”!

The last bushpig raised at the Animal Orphanage lived to over 25 years old.

During that time several attemps at her rehabilitation to the forest were made, alas unsuccesssful. Each time she returned finding her way home after some days.

In the end, permanent retirement at the orphanage was granted and Casey finally died there peacefully of old age.

Many animals, including injured animals and those made orphans by poachers, are available for adoption. You can adopt one, either for yourself or in the name of someone you love, as a gift: Adoption Information

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