Elephant Encounter

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Elephant Encounter

It seems that our giant friends, the Elephants are getting out of control

A few days ago the gatekeeper at our William Holden Education Center had the surprise of his life. While he was busy washing the Education Center’s six-wheeler he was alerted by an unusual noise and hurried to his post at the entrance gate. There he was greeted by a huge mature bull Elephant who was whiling away the afternoon looking over the fence into the center’s grounds.

On sighting the alarmed guard the Elephant leisurely went on his way walking up the road towards the forest, not unlike a nosey neighbour pretending he wasn’t really spying.

An excited bunch of village kids followed at a safe distance.  Our visitor never looked back. Seemingly acutely aware of the impression made he decided not to take the scenic route to his forest home but instead to brave the wooden bridge over the troubled waters of the Nanyuki river where it borders the Wildlife Conservancy.

A hush went over the by now sizable crowd. Only recently the bridge had been declared unsafe for lorries weighing far less than our heavy friend intent on keeping his feet dry.

He had not heard about such things and without a moment’s hesitation he carefully crossed. The timbers creaked beneath him but before they could give way Jumbo was safely on the other side where the green foliage of the Mount Kenya Forest invitingly swallowed up all evidence of this unusual visit.

But why not, I say. Forever humans have gone to google the animals in their “natural habitat”.  Time for change I say!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy