Kiswahili Teacher February 2004

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Kiswahili Teacher February 2004

Most of your time on Safari is taken up with what must be the worlds’ second greatest hobby: Photography

Piga Picha
(pronounce: pega pitcher)
To take a photograph.

So you should at least be able to tell your driver when something has caught your attention that you want to record with your camera.

“Piga” (literally: strike, beat, hit) is one of those very useful words that can be attached to all sorts of other words resulting in totally different meanings:

Just to name a few:

Piga hema… to camp (hema: tent)
Piga goli… to score (goli: goal)
Piga simu… to telephone (simu: telephone)
You get the gist.

Here is my all time favorite, (not that you will need it much in Kenya):
But it can also be aptly applied to stop any domestic argument,
(especially if your spouse doesn’t speak Swahili!!):

Hapana piga kelele… Don’t shout
(hapana: no, kelele: noise)

Have a wonderfully quiet day!!

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