In Pursuit of Peace

Mount Kenya and Kenya flag

In Pursuit of Peace

January, 2004

By Iris Hunt

The continuous world wide security warnings have hit this beautiful country badly. Tourism, which had risen to our No. 1 industry has almost been arrested in its tracks. As a result hundreds of Kenyans and their families have a bleak New Year to look forward to.

The National Parks, maintained by the Government have seen their income dwindle below minimum upkeep levels. In the end not just people but wildlife and the environment will suffer.

It is ironic that the warning specifically stated for visitors to ‘stay away from areas where foreigners congregate’ – What better place to visit than Kenya!!

At the best of times, in our vast and unique National Parks there is no congregation of people. Even during the famous migration in the Maasai Mara, humanity is outnumbered by the wildlife as much as 500 to 1.

Fishing in Kenya

Away from the madding crowd: A mornings’ catch on Mount Kenya

As of now, you can almost feel like the traveler of years gone by. Few people, masses of wildlife and hospitality beyond belief as eager Kenyans welcome you to a world free of pollution, worries and haste. Your perspective changes, priorities are re-arranged , a system overhaul directed by nature.

We cheered as we watched on TV how orange alerts have not kept New Yorkers from celebrating in Times Square.

What’s keeping you from your dream vacation in peaceful Kenya?

‘Out of Africa’ you will emerge changed, refreshed and focused on what it is that really matters in the end: Your peace of mind!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy