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Climb Mt Kenya

Kenya Wildlife Service

By Iris Hunt

July is travel month for students. If your curiosity knows no boundaries, you are on a budget and you feel the pull of adventure in the real Africa, this is for you.

The Kenya Wildlife Service has recently renovated an old idea.

They have reopened and added to their legendary “self help bandas” inside the National Parks.

When I first came to Kenya, that’s were I stayed. In those days the bandas were very basic, one never knew what to expect, it was a roof over your head for the night, not much more.

All that has changed. The KWS is now operating a network of cottages inside the National Parks with all the basic comforts. You just bring your food (and your cook if you are lazy)

Most of these houses are in exceptionally beautiful spots and your privacy is guaranteed.

The added advantage is that they are very affordable, probably the best deal here.

There are several mountain cottages, two of them on Mount Kenya. You will also find some on the beach in the marine National Parks.

A few of the lodges are the old game wardens cottages from yesteryear. Imagine yourself in the fifties. No Satellites, no cell phones no GPS. Just wilderness, your gun and your knowledge of bush craft to keep you alive. That is how those legendary wardens built the parks. The adventure is yours for the finding.

“Climbing Mt. Kenya”

Details for booking, locations and prices, go to:

Kenya Wildlife Service

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy