Mutamaiyu Mugie

Last month we had the unexpected pleasure to be invited to Lunch at a very special place. It was an experience I want to share with you.

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Many years ago, when we went on Safari to capture wild animals for translocation, we spent much time in the northern parts of Kenya.

Referred to as "The Northern Frontier district," it was a vast and untouched rugged and natural area. I never forgot the special feeling of freedom, the vast skies over a picturesque landscape often filled with game.

Even then we knew the special privilege to be there that we enjoyed. The writing was on the wall, this remote paradise would not be able to escape "progress," and all its negative side effects.

Eventually a lot of the land was split up for settlement. Poaching ensued. Many of The Northern Maasai moved away and took with them a harmonious co-existence with nature.

Mugie Ranch was such a place of tranquility. Assuming that it had met with the same fate, I had not been back to visit.

What a wonderful surprise then to see it now.

Mutamaiyu Mugie Mugie Ranch is still a privately owned and operating cattle Ranch of vast dimensions. The owners, Nicky and Gaby Hahn have built their luxurious African home here.

When they are not in residence they open their gracious manor house "Mutamaiyu" and the 4 guest cottages for rent to friends and visitors.

You can look up Mutamaiyu Mugie at their website: or e-mail the booking office for details:

Mutamaiyu is an easy 30 minute flight from the Mount Kenya Safari Club.

On your way there, don’t forget to look up your chaircat Duma Duke and the rest of us at the Mount Kenya Animal Orphanage.

Hosted by Anthony and Maria Dodds, guests experience an Africa I thought had long gone.

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In exclusive privacy you can enjoy the over 49,000 acres of Mugie Ranch. Here, mineral-rich springs have been drawing Samburu camel caravans for centuries.

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Today these rugged plains and lush woodlands are home to one of the richest diversities of wildlife on the continent – including elephant, leopard, cheetah, Lion, and the rare Grevy’s Zebra, as well as the ancient cultures of their Samburu and Pokot neighbors.

Kenya safari Mutamaiyu Mugie 6 Maria and Anthony will spoil you with delicious meals cooked to your taste, evenings around the fire or watching the leopard feeding nearby. The atmosphere is magic as only Africa can be.

The only hardship you will encounter is leaving Mugie after a few days of paradise.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy