Kiswahili Teacher January 2004

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Kiswahili Teacher January 2004

All through January we wish each other a happy New Year.

At first it makes us feel good having survived yet another pre-Christmas rush followed by the usual overindulgence. It also distracts us from thinking about those infamous New Years resolutions.

After a while the traditional greeting grows stale and sounds like ‘have a nice day’.

This is definitely the time to switch to Kiswahili.

Salama Mwaka Mpya
(Pronounce: salama mukka empea)

At first they think you have flipped, but a relieved smile will come over their faces when you translate. The world is still in order.

Salama generally means: fine
Mwaka: year
Mpya : New

Salama is one of the most useful words in the language, You can not only use it to greet anybody you pass, but also as a casual reply to a greeting any time.

Have a wonderful New Year:

Salama Mwaka Mpya

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