Kiswahili Teacher July 2003

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Kiswahili Teacher July 2003

You have learnt so far:

Jambo, habari: hello, how are you
Tengeneza hii: make this right
Kuuliza sio ujinga: to ask does not mean one is stupid

Today’s word:

Mzuri pronounce: missouri

Mzuri means simply “good” It is a handy word to know.

Lets face it, when you first go on Safari you are going to love every minute of it… mzuri

It starts in the baggage hall, your bag appears after you had many hours of wondering if you’d ever see it again… mzuri

The customs officer says “Jambo, habari” you say… mzuri

You get to your first camp, hot shower, good food and ice in the drinks… mzuri

You order another by saying “tangeneza hii” and it appears!! … mzuri

Next morning, first sunrise in the African bush, you ignore the hangover andlie to your guide… mzuri

And so it goes, every day, until the last.

You are thrilled, you tip the guide and drivers, and they all say… mzuri

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