Bush Drums June 2003

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Bush Drums June 2003

Incident at the Monkey Boma

Remember Gaspar, our rare and beautiful Spot Nose Guenon Monkey?

Well anyway, he was in a spot of trouble recently, as I discovered after rushing to the Orphanage in response to a late night radio call. The monkey had been injured by an African Caracal cat, a new resident in the adjoining boma. No one saw it happen – whether the monkey reached out or the cat reached in.

Caracal Cat

Gaspar’s hand was badly damaged, with a deep gash torn in the flesh by the feline’s sharp teeth, tendons torn and bone visible. All we could do was stop the bleeding, temporarily treat the wound and inject antibiotics.

The following day we drove him to a veterinary clinic 40 miles away. There a very competent Dr. Kingori sutured the hand. After a convalescence of 10 days, the stitches were removed with the patient ending up none the worse for his experience – physically at least.

Back at the Orphanage, a new, more closely meshed fence was erected between the two unlikely neighbors. But we doubt the lesson was lost on Gaspar. The Caracals have clearly earned his cautious respect.

Stefanie Powers visits…

Stefanie Powers

May brought back one of our best friends and supporters, our co-Director Stefanie Powers.

As the Chairman of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, Stefanie travels all over the world, promoting conservation of the environment.

The Mount Kenya Game Ranch remains her favorite place. Whenever Her busy schedule permits, she is here, enjoying her beautiful home On the Ranch, playing Polo, traveling around Kenya’s wildlife areas, visiting friends.

Frequently she can be found in the animal Orphanage where many of the animals recognize her familiar face. Stefanie helps us at the Orphanage and often brings Students from the WHWF Education Centre to learn about animals.

In June Stefanie will be traveling to Germany to be honored with the prestigious Bruno Schubert award for her achievements in conservation.

Well done Stefanie, we are proud to have you as our friend and partner.

Our Very Special Thank You Goes To:

Mr. M.K. Marker, for his very generous donation to the Orphaned Animals.

Dog nanny at Mt. Kenya

Angela: This is for you, from “Ladyboss” the canine nanny.

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