Bush Drums June 2004

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Bush Drums June 2004

Baby Patas monkey

As the first rays of sun reached the Orphanage one morning the last day of April, a surprise was waiting for us in the Patas clan: A new arrival.

We do, as yet not know the sex of the little one, so closely guarded by her mom.

Her two older sisters are visibly delighted to help take care of the infant. Together with their mother, they make sure the little one is never far from help or a reassuring cuddle, our staff have noted.

Also, there seems to be a noted absence of family squabbles in the Patas troupe. What a fine example of a family for us “superior” mammals.

Our Very Special Thank You Goes To:

The J.L. Foundation of the United States for their generous and timely grant for the construction of a Cheetah breeding facility At the Conservancy

The Wiliam Holdem Wildlife Foundation and Chairman Stefanie Powers for their very generous donation towards the upkeep of the orphan animals.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Melissa Keiswetter, USA for their continued interest and support For the Bongo Repatriation Project.

Almost there…

White Zebra

Our herd of ‘white’ Zebra continues to flourish. It is one of the goals of the Conservancy to one day return these animals to their natural habitat in Northern Kenya, where they are now extinct.

Every new birth is therefore an important event and brings us one step closer.

Meanwhile the genes remain safe in our herd here, saved from extinction just in time.

White zebra herd

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy