Karibu 2008…

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Karibu 2008…

Karibu means welcome in Ki-swahili (you knew that of course)

After some trying days for Kenyans following the Dec 27 elections here, all seems to be quieting down with the dawn of a New Year.

At the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, where the interests of our wildlife are paramount we have felt none of the clashes and unrest that have rocked some parts of Kenya.

The men and women that work here looking after the animals and the land are culturally as diverse as the animals are different. We are proud to report that we are all still the best of friends here, men, women, beast and all!

This is what the animals have taught us: In order to survive each creature has to have his or her rightful place and space that allows for respect for one to another.

Sometimes this proves a little complicated…

Brandy the Caracal Cat in a bathtub

but, as was the case with Brandy in the tub, a little diplomacy helped put her firmly back in her place.

Often quarters get a little crowded, but team spirit prevails even if we have to double up

Hyrax baby tower

There are those that always find reason to shout

Duiker baby

and others are just plain pigs

Warthog Chucky dribbling milk

Which makes the rest of us roar with laughter.

Laughing Hippos

Here’s wishing you all a happy New Year blessed with peace and love for all God’s creatures.

Greetings from all the folks and beast at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy