Alarming news

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Alarming news

The Kenya Wildlife Service Intelligence has advised our Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy to be on the outlook for poachers. They have credible evidence that “dealers” are in the area. They may be recruiting poachers and target specific animals, such as Rhino for their horns or spotted cats for their skins

Last month, only 30 miles away a Rhino and five Elephants fell pray to poachers. Only the slaughtered carcasses minus horn and tusks were the grisly evidence found in the bush.

Duma Duke, our “Chaircat” is scared! He and Bill and Diana are on high alert and ready to fight off any possible intruders should it come to that. But meanwhile Bunge, our Wildlife Manager has laid on extra armed security. Every evening, the Conservancy’s Rhino willingly walk to the safety of their night quarters, led by their own designated game scouts.

We are proud to have such dedicated and able staff safeguarding the animals’ lives!

Our Mt. Conservancy Rhinos

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy