I had a dream…

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I had a dream…

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamt that a new party wanted me as their symbol.

Because I never change my spots, they said. I had to consider this very carfully because I already serve as Chaircat on the board of the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. So I asked them what this new party was all about.

I had heard about such things. Here in Kenya they used to have a cockerel for one party and a donkey for another.

 The donkey is popular because they use it in America too. Then an African, the mighty elephant was given the job of symbol for another party. It didn’t mean too much because the only African American presidential hopeful there did not join the party with the African elephant. He went for the donkey. The incumbent there stands with the elephant. Maybe because his name suggests that without him even the mighty elephant cannot survive. It’s all very complicated.

Obviously the position of a party symbol is an honor that could be a disaster in the making, so I asked many questions.

The party, they said, was not political. It was not religeous either. It didn’t even belong to any one country. The members could be of any race or species from worms to elephants and apes to humans. All had a right to live on earth but only in the order allocated by voting. Each species’ voting power had to do with how  much food they represented to other species and how much they consumed. An interesting concept but it left me way down the food chain as a major consumer. Humans also did not do too well but promised to compete more honestly. I remember the honey bee was so outstanding they almost offered her the position of symbol.

Then I woke up and realized it was only a dream. Maybe you can finish the dream for me.

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