Leopard vs. Crocodile

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Leopard vs. Crocodile

Here’s another totally amazing footage.

We used to hear, over the years stories often told by the old game wardens and the white hunters, over campfire drinks. Then, the next morning nobody was clear if it was the African magic or the drink, but could what we heard really have happened that way?

But then, if you read old books written by colonial officers giving otherwise not so exciting accounts of their years spent “taming the wilderness,” you can also find such stories. Of course, no one ever had a camera ready at such moments, only one’s photographic mind graced by more or less fantasy.

Nowadays the naturalist gets a grant to lay in waiting with the latest equipment at the ready to record odd moments. But as mankind evolves, so must the animals change with circumstance. When game was plentiful, easy to stalk, would the leopard have bothered with a crocodile? I would love to have seen the rest of the story!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy