Leopards Galore

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Leopards Galore

For the last few months our game scouts have found a number of remains of some of our free ranging animals. The tell tale signs of leopard could be seen in the vicinity of the kills.

Footprints revealed there were at least 3 or more different leopards that visited the Conservancy regularly. Of late, they had taken up permanent residence at this most convenient “dinner table”.

They obviously had discovered a favorite gourmet food provider: easy to catch gazelles, Llama, even one baby bongo fell prey. Meanwhile, at the adjacent Mount Kenya Safari Club leopard sightings were reported by guests, confirming just how bold these intelligent hunters had become.

That did it. Muraya, one of our keepers and expert at trapping, went to work. Within a week he was able to catch a magnificent female and her two adult male cubs in a trap in 3 separate nights.

They were speedily sent of to a National Park near us, but not near enough for them to return.

The release took place at the same spot so the family could be united again. Having had the “luxury” life feeding of our plentiful and unaware wildlife they need to forget the easy life and go back to hunting for a living.

Still we are thrilled to see the leopard population on the increase on Mount Kenya!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy