Kiswahili Teacher March 2004

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Kiswahili Teacher March 2004

The news about the drunken chimps got us wondering… You have not yet learned how to invite your new best friend for a drink!! Well here you go:

Karibu kinywaji pombe

Karibu: welcome, join us!
Kinywaji: drink
Pombe: an alcoholic drink

But my best friend objects to this ‘mouthful’ He is definitely the more experienced (drinker?) in our family, and refers to his favorite brew as :

Dawa ya malaria

Dawa: medicine
ya: for
Malaria: malaria

Now you definitely deserve that drink, Pretending it is medicinal… Karibu dawa ya malaria!

Cheers! (For which I have yet to learn a Swahili equivalent)

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