Bush Drums May 2003

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Bush Drums May 2003

This season has bought long awaited signs of special blessings to many members of the Luo community in western Kenya. Omens of a bounteous harvest and general good fortune are manifest. And one significant “oracle” is a fat, 14ft. python, affectionately known as Omweri (a welcome guest).

Omweri unexpectedly sought refuge in the home of an actually delighted Mr. Okumu. She had made a nest and laid many eggs, which she carefully guards under the thick coils of her belly.


Removal of the serpent could only spell doom, the village Elders decided. Omweri must be made welcome, fed and otherwise cosseted like the important guest she is.

The Okumu family has therefore dutifully seen to the snake’s every need. They built a shed for shade and, as laid down in the traditional lore of Luo hospitality, gladly shared their food and water with the huge python.

Lately, however, Omweri has become somewhat testy, unappreciative of the family’s kindness. According to reports, she hisses menacingly if anyone dares to approach too close.

Kenya Wildlife Service personnel are monitoring the situation. They have rightly warned the community that, once her eggs have hatched, the mother python will be defensive of her brood – violently if she feels threatened.

The Elders have nonetheless decreed that she remains in place as a welcome harbringer of good fortune, notably of the imminent arrival of the April-June season of the “long rains.”

We’ll keep you posted.

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