Meanwhile back at the ranch…

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Meanwhile back at the ranch…

I got up early this morning, awakened by bird song. I jumped out of bed thinking it must be late. But when I looked outside it was still dark. And yet, the birds were up.

And then I saw it, the full moon illuminating the western sky, descending slowly toward the edge of the ranch.

I grabbed the camera and rushed off in the car, out into the bush still hidden by the night.

Striped and white zebra mingling with reedbuck, bushbuck and eland antelope in my view briefly as I come up on the plain, there is that magnificent moon again, lower now.

Moon over Kenya in January

In the east the sky takes on color as it gets lighter by the minute and the mountain stands watch as the moon sinks below the trees racing the life giving sun still hidden by the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya.

The bush is still dark and I am alone and I am not afraid.

A herd of buffalo slowly makes its way down to the dam to drink, standing out now against the violet sky.

I don’t know what today will bring, what you will read in the papers about Kenya or what images they will show on TV. And I hope that you will not believe everything because: here I am alone in the African bush and I am not afraid.

This much I know: The people of Kenya stand united for peace and whatever stands in their way they will overcome.

Tomorrow there will be another splendid moon and another and another conquering the darkest nights.

The moon is very low now slipping through the clouds, striped, hiding, losing to the life-giving sun.

We will be watching over the animals and the nature around us to preserve for a better future, another moon, another reason for the birds to sing their wake-up songs early, celebrating the dawn of another beautiful day in Africa.

Thank you for your concerns.

Your support means so much to every peace-loving Kenyan and to all of us here.

Sunrise over Kenya in January

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy