The Chaircat’s Letter of April 2006

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The Chaircat’s Letter of April 2006

My Dear Friends, I must apologize for my prolonged absence…

Lately developments here the animal Orphanage have seen me literally pushed into the background. I have not been privileged to share the affections of our lovely female Cheetah Isis. For some time now, preference and visitation privileges have favored the handsome Cheetah “Sultan.”

Sadly for her, Isis has equally rejected the Sultan’s advances. After all, his beauty is only spotted skin deep. At last they have permitted us back to visit and enjoy female feline companionship on a regular basis again. Lately there is talk of settling other female replica near us. The accommodations are almost ready and we are most excited about the prospects. Meanwhile, we look forward for you to visit us at our Sanctuary here at the Orphanage.

His films have in the past focused on the Conservancy’s progress and drawn attention to the need to rehabilitate this unique magnificent Antelope to their rightful ancestral home on Mount Kenya.

Meanwhile, our new neighbors managing the Mount Kenya Safari Club are the famed Fairmont Hotels and Resorts group. Already we have met and befriended many of their talented leaders, a group of passionate, charismatic professionals whose mission is to:

“Celebrate Kenya and provide services that enrich the experiences and turn moments into memories for our guests.”

A motto after my own heart!

And with that my dear friends, I leave you to enjoy a truly Kenyan story where courage, love and determination overcame insurmountable obstacles and paved the way to freedom for many of the countries much loved gentle giants.

And it all started here at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy’s Animal Orphanage!

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy