News from peaceful Mount Kenya

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News from peaceful Mount Kenya

First I must report that in our neck of the woods peace prevails.

It is reassuring to know that all our staff and keepers without fail have shown their commitment to look after the animals in our care come what may.

Yesterday the Kenyan President called a press conference in order to explain that his first concern is that of the safety of all of Kenya’s citizens.
“We are all Kenyans” he said.

He explained to the press that security must be restored before any marches or mass meetings can take place in the name of peace. Once citizens are assured safety to go about their daily business he promised to address demands for further talks. He advised those with complaints to seek justice in the courts.

Meanwhile, fanned by international attention battles in the slums continue and it is unclear exactly what is happening there. There are many good Kenyan poor families that are forced to live on the edges of those slums and risk becoming innocent victims of those that emerge with grisly intent. Some pay the ultimate price caught in the middle of unsettled disputes and frustrations brought on by a desperate few.

We are confident that peace will return soon to this beautiful land Kenyans proudly call “God’s country.”

All of us here at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy are safe.
We are united in our vote for “pro life” for all gods creatures.
By our actions we hope to demonstrate the sincerity of all Kenyans committed to peace.
We thank you for your support. It means a lot at this difficult time to have you as our friends.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy