Bush Drums November 2004

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Bush Drums November 2004

Coffee and Cookies for Conservationists!

That is what Susan has in store for you when you visit our newly opened Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Office.

Conveniently located at Mount Kenya Safari Club, this is where your e-mail is answered, new members are signed up, and you may find your friend’s picture on the wall, rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

Susan Njoki, no stranger to those that knew her as a secretary at the Game Ranch, has been employed as the Conservancy’s public relations officer. Susan is thrilled with her new position and proud to be a part of a truly Kenyan effort to preserve our heritage. She works closely with Bunge, the Wildlife Manager to keep up on all the Critter news, so why not visit and find out the latest. Susan will also be happy to make arrangements for special V.I.P. tours of the Conservancy as well as group or corporate visits, memberships and donations.

And who knows, you may be joining one or two celebrities having coffee and a chat there, the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy office is fast becoming a favorite hangout!!

Update on Chucky

Warthog 'Chucky' - Proud and half-grown

Warthog ‘Chucky’ – Proud and half-grown

On the far side of halfway through his first year, we are happy to report, Chucky the warthog rescued by Stefanie Powers and named after Conservancy benefactor Charles (Chuck) Simmons, is thriving.

Chucky, in this very short time has become the orphanage “Clown”, a favorite with most visitors. He’s often seen careering around the orphanage doing little dances of sheer joy or squeaking delightfully to greet you.

Of course none of this un-piggy behavior makes for good chances of a successful return to the wild. But for the time being we have decided he’s having too much fun to get serious just yet.

If you wish to adopt or have an animal named after you, please contact us for details:

Our Very Special Thank you Goes To…

Charles “Chuck” Simmons who very graciously adopted our orphaned warthog “Chucky” and made a generous donation in his name.

Ron Surratt, Curator of the Fort Worth Zoo, traveled all the way to Nanyuki and spent his vacation advising and helping us with the Bongo rehabilitation project.

Esther Chao from Beverly Hill, CA. for her very kind and generous donation. Esther is seen above when she visited the animal Orphanage with her friends.

"Ron Surrat Forth Worth curator

“Ron Surratt at the
Mount Kenya Wildlife Preserve

Esther Chao

Esther Chao from Beverly Hills, California

Progress on the fence

In July Ron Surratt, curator, Fort Worth Zoo, used part of his summer vacation to lend his expertise to the Conservancy team with the erection of the fence for the new bongo wilderness area.

This is an area adjacent to the Mount Kenya Forest that will host the next phase of the bongo rehabilitation project. Here the next generations born to our herd will lead a protected but simulated wild life to prepare them for eventual release to their ancestral home on Mount Kenya.

This long term project has the backing of the American Zoological Association, United Nations and Conservationists around the World.

Your membership supports this and other projects of “Operation: Return to the wild.”

Breaking News

Bongo in the wild in Kenya

Our friend and supporter Tony Harrison has won the newest Baby Bongo Adoption with the highest bid of a very generous donation pledge.

Watch this space for first pictures and Tony’s naming of this latest addition to our Bongo herd, destined for return to their ancestral home. For details of our wild animal ASdoption plan please contact us:

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