Kiswahili Teacher November 2005

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Kiswahili Teacher November 2005

All the talk on the street, even on the remotest path in Kenya these days is about…

Bananas and Oranges!

This time around it has nothing to do\ with good health or agriculture, it’s all about the new Constitution on the table, to be voted in or out at the November 21 referendum.

NDISI = banana (pronounce: ndeesee)
CHUNGWA = orange (pronounce : choongwa)

The “yes” camp has chosen the banana as a symbol.
The “no” camp has chosen the orange.

Now with the keen sense of humor most Kenyans are equipped with, we are bound to hear some good measure of “fruit salad” jokes !!

If you’re touring the country and eyeing some of the tasty tropical fruits offered at every street corner, be sure to get an equal mix of chungwa and ndisi or be jokingly accused of meddling in local affairs!

More importantly, enjoy the fruits, the sights, the unique wildlife and the incredible hospitality of the people of this, “God’s country.”

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