Kiswahili Teacher October 2003

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Kiswahili Teacher October 2003

The people of Kenya pride themselves in their hospitality towards visitors. And it is true. As you will soon find out on your Safari you will be made to feel special.

But as much as we may try to anticipate your every wish, we would consider it an honor if you let us take care of any additional things we may have overlooked.

So here’s how to get that extra towel, toilet paper, hairdryer, bug spray, whatever:

Mimi nataka… pronounce: meme natucka

This should be easy to remember:

Mimi = Me
Nataka = Want

So now with everything at your fingertips, you’re all set!

And while we’re at it, starting this month Swahili Teacher will teach you the Swahili name of the wild animal that “stars” in our feature story.

This time it’s easy to remember:

Punda Milia… pronounce: Poonda Melea

Punda = donkey
Milia = Stripes
       = Zebra

Please note: Strictly speaking, Punda Milia refers only to the common or Burchell’s Zebra. The name for the Grevy’s Zebra, if you want to be precise, is Kangani.

Popular folklore has it different: The story is that the white she-donkey “prostituted” herself with a handsome black stallion instead of sticking to her own. A striped offspring was the resulting “punishment”. And that is how the Zebra got its name; Punda Malaya which is pronounced similar and means “Donkey prostitute”.

However, Swahili Teacher does not agree!!!

But in any case it is a good memory aid…

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy