Speedy Kofi

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Speedy Kofi

Two days ago the political situation in Kenya was still hopeless. Suddenly with lightening speed at the eleventh hour a solution was found, a deal was struck, and rapidly the sun appeared, flooding light down the end of the tunnel.

Kenya crisis breakthrough

Dr. Kofi Annan, here to help the opposing sides negotiate, managed to get them to go together without conflict or incongruity and sign a pact which promises a better future. They have agreed to a power sharing government but more importantly they have agreed that the events we saw in January are not to be repeated. Ever.

Everyone is joyful at the news, almost forgotten are the differences, for now the yearning for assured peace is paramount.
A great wave of warm feelings goes out to Kofi Annan who did not waver in his resolve to bring the warring parties together. In gratitude game scouts in the Maasai Mara even named a new born Rhino calf “Kofi”. Cute!

But wait, this is a “white” Rhino. Of course “white” does not refer to its color, it only identifies it as the wide lipped Rhino, different from its smaller cousin the black Rhino, indiginous to Kenya.

Here at the Conservancy we wanted to take the hint and name one of our own after the great peacemaker to mark the joyous occasion. All the animals were called to a meeting chaired by yours truly, (I am still the Chaircat).

The council of animals decided that although they sport record long horns not seen elsewhere, our own Rhinos have little in common with Kofi the man and therefore did not deserve the honor of carrying his name.

  • Rhinos, (the blacks more so than the whites) are more known for their ferociousness than their intelligence. (Not so Kofi the man)
  • They can be highly dangerous when disturbed. (Not so Kofi.)
  • They are loners when adult and stay away from others of their kind, (meeting only to mate). (Not so Kofi).
  • When they do meet one another they fight often to the death, mostly over territory. (Not so Kofi).

After much debate the council of animals voted unanimously that the honor should go to our own “Speedy” the XL Aldabra Tortoise. Speedy has so much in common with the famous man Kofi. We could not deny the obvious similarities;

  • He’s old and wise and has weathered many storms.
  • He’s not really from Kenya but said to have African heritage.
  • Unhasty, he advances slowly and he carefully calculates his every move.

Speedy Kofi

our own “Speedy Kofi”

And yet when circumstance demands this guy can move with tremendous speed and maneuver his way safely and brilliantly through the most difficult situations. But most importantly he’s every ones respected friend. So with great fanfare we announce :
Speedy the Tortoise will henceforce be honored with the name of :

“Speedy Kofi”

Speedy Kofi sharing

Speedy Kofi : “sharing” power

And with that my friends, we count the days until you visit us here at Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy