Kiswahili Teacher September 2003

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Kiswahili Teacher September 2003

Half the fun on holiday is… you guessed, shopping.

You will have plenty of opportunity to see all kinds of ingenious handicrafts and tribal artifacts at the little markets scattered throughout the country.

Bargaining is of course expected. In fact the more skill at bargaining the more respect you will earn. This in turn will result in a lower end price.

Here is the magic phrase for bargaining:

Bei gani? …How much is it?
(pronounce: bay gani)

Alternating your voice and facial expression when you exclaim:

‘bei gani’

…will amuse and attract more vendors, ready to lower the price as they will now get into competition with one-another.

They will take over the Kiswahili conversation for you, all you need to do is nod occasionally.

When all appears to have been said, try another ‘bei gani’, and by now the price should be much nearer your expectation.

For your more sophisticated requirements you are best advised to wait to see the unique collection at the exquisite Mount Kenya Art Galleries

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy